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The law firm Landsman Saldinger Carroll, PLLC, is proud to announce we are officially open.

By February 24, 2022February 21st, 2023No Comments

Longtime friends and colleagues, Larry Landsman, Rich Saldinger and Rob Carroll have joined together to form a new premier business litigation firm in Chicago.  Larry, Rich, and Rob are accomplished trial lawyers who bring their own unique backgrounds, skill sets and experiences to the firm. The goal of LSC is to provide first-in-class representation to clients who require sophisticated and tough trial attorneys. Comprised of an experienced team of lawyers, LSC has the talent to take on complex disputes, whether large or small, against any and all opponents in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  We are ready, willing, and able to go the distance and take a case to trial, but we never lose sight of our clients’ goals and objectives. We are excited to begin this journey together and to grow LSC into a “go-to” firm in Chicago’s outstanding legal community.

Here is what the partners at LSC have to say about their new firm:

Laurence M. Landsman

I am thrilled to be one of the three founding partners of LSC along with the two most talented attorneys I have had the privilege to work with. When we decided to form LSC, we quickly realized that we shared the same values of focusing on the needs of our clients. Our team approach to the representation of clients brings the powerful and effective benefits of the collective talents of all our attorneys.

Richard Saldinger

I have been very fortunate over my career to work with great lawyers and mentors at some of the strongest law firms in Chicago. Joining Larry and Rob and forming LSC is an incredible and exciting opportunity to apply those past experiences and truly have the best of all worlds as a founding member of LSC. I will be working with like-minded and extremely talented attorneys who share my work ethic, team collaborative approach and drive to do the best possible job for the client. Having true law firm partners, who are also my good friends, will be the perfect fit for me. I could not be more excited to be part of this team.

Robert Carroll

I have always had the goal of being a founding partner of a law firm that is the “go to” problem solver for commercial and business litigation problems. I first met Rich more than fifteen years ago when we were on opposite sides of a lawsuit. While we zealously represented our clients, we developed a deep respect for each other both professionally and personally and have grown as friends and colleagues. Around the same time that I first met Rich, Larry and I were working out of the same office space for different firms, and also developed a strong respect and friendship. We each have our own unique talents, experiences, and personalities. As our relationships with each other have grown, we came to realize that we can combine our individual skills to form a litigation “dream team.” Individually we are strong, but together we will be a dominating force.