The forum in which a dispute is resolved can significantly impact the outcome. When you have a dispute that must be submitted to arbitration or mediation, you need litigators who are experienced in those forums. We have that experience.

Arbitration is a way to resolve disputes outside the court system. Like trials in a court room, arbitrations allow parties to present their evidence and testimony to prove their side of the case. Arbitrations are binding and are conducted before impartial third parties. They are often considered to be faster and more efficient than litigating a dispute through the court system. However, there are critical differences in presenting disputes in arbitration versus trying them in a court room. Our team has deep experience arbitrating disputes before different tribunals, such as JAMS, ADR and FINRA. That experience can mean the difference between winning and losing. Moreover, our team has experience confirming and enforcing arbitration awards in the court system once the arbitrator has issued an award. From start to finish, we routinely represent clients in arbitrations involving all matters of commercial and business litigation in a variety of industries.

Mediations are settlement conferences before neutral third parties that are not binding. In many cases, our clients have agreements that require them to submit their disputes to non-binding mediation before proceeding with a lawsuit or arbitration. This can be a cost-effective and efficient way of resolving disputes at the outset before engaging in full-blown litigation. We have had great success in helping clients settle their disputes early so that they can move forward with their business.